This is my mantra, what I’m all about. The phrase comes from Bruce Sterling’s The Caryatids, a dystopic novel about recovering from the climate crisis. In the book, those four words epitomize the ideals of startup culture.


Wit, lateral thinking, and epiphanies. The ability to solve an intractable problem with an ingenious solution.


Not just working quickly, but getting things done on time. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.


Iteration, modular architecture, and legible code. If you can work on a project and hand it to another developer without them wanting to stab you, you’re doing it right.


This is the transcendent quality that separates the good from the amazing, the little touches that change the way we think about UIs, and the reason we describe some products as “magical and revolutionary.”


Responsive Design

  • composition & layout
  • typography
  • responsive iconography
  • ui animation
  • mobile first
  • emerging interfaces


  • html5 & css3
  • angularjs
  • javascript (es6)
  • nodejs
  • shopify
  • wordpress
  • css preprocessors


  • mechanism design
  • user workflows
  • information architecture
  • data visualization
  • accessibility


  • automated build workflows
  • grunt & gulp
  • version control
  • agile development
  • unit & end-to-end testing
  • software architecture


June 2014—Present

New York, NY

Senior Web Developer

New York Magazine

Lead architect of Clay, New York Magazine's content management system.

May 2010—June 2014

Brooklyn, NY

Freelance Web Designer

Self Employed

I've built websites and web apps for freelance clients in San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo. I'm most comfortable with front-end design and development, but I've done some full-stack work with Sinatra, Nodejs and CMS's like Drupal, Wordpress, and Shopify.

July 2013—June 2014

New York, NY

Front-End Web Developer


I joined Bolster (a remodeling startup) as the first front-end developer, and built web applications using AngularJS, Stylus, and a gulp-based workflow.

Dec. 2012—July 2013

New York, NY

Front-End Web Developer

At Busker (a music startup) I built SpineJS-based web apps for consumers, artists, and record labels. I also learned Ruby and Sinatra working with our back-end developer and introduced non-blocking UI design and agile development.

July 2012—Dec. 2012

New York, NY

Front-End Web Developer


At Barrel, I built responsive websites on Wordpress, Shopify, and other CMS's. I also assisted in the development and maintenance of Phonegap-wrapped mobile web apps.

March 2011—June 2012

New York, NY

User Experience Engineer

Credit Suisse

I was part of a three-person development team that built internal and external web apps using ExtJS. We also led mobile web development efforts company-wide, and created and maintained a robust API for client widgets.

Oct. 2010—Jan. 2011

New York, NY

SCRUM Master / Drupal Developer

Ology Media

I developed custom modules for a Drupal-based social networking site, and set up an AGILE development workflow.

Aug. 2008—May 2010

CA and NY

IT Consultant

Self Employed

Before shifting focus to web design and development, I worked as a freelance IT consultant for small and medium businesses in Rochester, NY and the Bay Area. I focused on networking, troubleshooting, and linux rollouts, and I'm both Sonicwall and A+ certified.

Jan. 2010—May 2010

Rochester, NY

Level III Systems Engineer

Kriterium, LLC

At Kriterum, I provided IT managed solutions to medium and large business clients. This included traveling to server rollouts along the Eastern Seaboard, compiling technical documentation, and a lot of network cable crimping.

Dec. 2009—May 2010

Rochester, NY

Systems Administrator

RIT Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation

The RIT CCRG is a small research group that uses supercomputers to model the collisions of galaxies and black holes. I didn't work on that directly, but I maintained their webservers, fileservers, backup systems, and website.

March 2009—Nov. 2009

Oakland, CA

Technical Support Lead

Maestro Conference

I joined Maestro Conference as one of their first hires, and set up their support workflow and technical documentation. I sat in on development meetings, and was introduced to both AGILE methodologies and automated testing.

Oct. 2008—Jan. 2009

Rochester, NY

Tier 1 Technical Support

Eastman Kodak Company

I did a brief stint in call-center technical support, and lobbied for Linux driver support for Kodak's printers. We all know how that turned out.

March 2008—Aug. 2008

San Ramon, CA

Tier 3 Technical Support

Fask-Teks, Inc.

At Fast-Teks, I did on-call tech support and hardware/software installation for homes and small businesses. We were also subcontracted by Dell, Inc. to do installation and troubleshooting.

July 2006—March 2008

San Ramon, CA

Shift Supervisor / IT Manager

Country Club Cleaners

I started at this dry cleaners working the front desk, and eventually became the senior customer service employee in charge of two locations and 14 delivery routes. By the end I was assisting the CEO and President with business-level IT decisions and spent most of my time training employees and providing tech support.

June 2004—Aug. 2005

Providence, RI

Stock Clerk

Adler's Hardware

Though I've been helping out around the family jewelry store since I was a kid, my first full-time job was at 14. To this day I have no idea how I managed to convince them to let a 14 year old work in a hardware store full of heavy equipment, sharp objects, and power tools.


US Federation of Battodo

I am the Media Director of the US Federation of Battodo, an organization that brings together schools of Japanese swordsmanship.

Penny Arcade Expo

I volunteer two times a year at the Penny Arcade Expo. It's the largest video- and board-gaming convention in the United States.

Shack Tactical

I play in a large (~170 member) gaming group. We've been featured in PC Gamer, Polygon, and other gaming news media.

Friday Night Party Line

I'm a frequent guest on Friday Night Party Line, a monthly roundtable podcast where we discuss news and culture.

Contact Me 905-2592